The Russia-Ukraine war underscores the prolonged and expensive nature of modern warfare. The invasion had an immediate impact on military spending decisions, with nations worldwide continuing to bolster military expenditure. This is particularly evident in Eastern European nations neighboring Ukraine and Belarus. For instance, Romania's Ministry of National Defense is seeking F-35 Lightning II fighter jets worth USD 6.5 billion. 1Such moves are in response to ongoing aggressive activities in the region, like the sustained Belarusian military exercises near the borders of NATO members, Poland and Lithuania. 2Additionally, Poland has declared a purchase of hundreds of Spike anti-tank missiles from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. 3The heightened sense of urgency in defense procurements reflects the region's need for improved security and preparedness.

The MarketVectorTM Global Defense Industry Index (MVDEF) tracks the performance of companies that are involved in serving national defense industries. The index has exhibited strong performance YTD, having appreciated over 23% as of August 18, 2023. The index distinguishes itself by exclusively targeting pure-play defense firms, without any emphasis on civil and commercial aviation, recreational firearms, or similar non-military-related fields.

MarketVectorTM Global Defense Industry Index


Source: MarketVector IndexesTM. Data as of August 21, 2023.

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Source3: Defense News. (August 7, 2023). Poland to make hundreds of Israeli-designed Spike antitank missiles. Accessed August 18, 2023.

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