In June 2024, MarketVector surpassed USD 50 billion in assets under management for the first time. We specialize in delivering index and index data solutions that cover digital assets, fixed income, and equities, offering diverse indexes to meet various investment objectives and capture emerging trends. Our June 2024 performance report highlights notable successes across our 171 indexes.

Gain in thematic indexes

Starting with thematic indexes, the MVIS® Global Digital Assets Equity Index (MVDAPP) led with a 17.56% gain, driven by institutional adoption of digital assets. Next was the MVIS® Digital India Index (MVDIND) which grew by 11.04% post-elections, with a year-over-year increase of nearly 35%.

The MVIS® US Listed Semiconductor 25 Index (MVSMH) gained 8.44%, bolstered by strong earnings and the US CHIPS grant. Clean energy indexes, however, saw declines, with the MVIS® Global Hydrogen Economy ESG Index (MVHTWO) down 19.32% and the BlueStar® Solar Energy Industry Index (BSOLR) down 17.43%.

Equities and bonds

In the country subset, MarketVector introduced a MarketVectorTM Total Global Equity Index (MVTGLE) covering 150 countries rose 1.43%, with the MarketVectorTM Brazil Global Exposure (BRL) Index (MVBRGE) up 5.81%.

In bonds, the MVIS® Moody's Analytics US Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index (MVCI) was the top performer with a 0.58% gain. The MarketVectorTM TRON VWAP Close Index (MVTRXV) led digital assets with a 9.79% gain. For full details, check out MarketVector Best Performers June 2024.

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About the Author:

Kinjal Shukla is the Index Researcher and Data Engineer at MarketVector. She is responsible for the design and development of MarketVector indexes and for creating data infographics. Kinjal has cleared FRM Level 1 having come from a risk profile in Barclays, India. She has a degree in a Master of Science in Financial Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, USA, and an MBA-Tech degree from NMIMS-MPSTME University, India.


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